one funnel away: two comma club
one funnel away: two comma club
Two Comma Club Coaching Review
So let me guess, you started a business to create more time and money for yourself or your family. But now you’ve tried a few things, maybe one or two too many and you’re looking for answers. Perhaps you’d like to figure out why your funnel isn’t converting as well as you thought it would, or you need to help to understand all this stuff and get you up and running to turn your ideas into income? Well, you’re not alone.
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He has personally built successful funnels in a ton of niches and made millions on various platforms from supplements, software, coaching, has helped others do the same...93 others have become millionaires to be exact by using his systems, strategies or techniques….
This exactly why Russell Brunson started Two Comma Club coaching. He wanted to bridge the gap to help entrepreneurs who are ready to become successful. If you’re already familiar with online marketing, you most likely know who Russell Brunson is..the owner of Clickfunnels.  
He ability to help entrepreneurs even includes brick and mortar businesses as well. Russell’s company Clickfunnels, a funnel making software has saved go-getting entrepreneurs thousands of hours of having to slave to get funnels to look just the way we want.


Why offer a course like Two Comma Coaching? Well, someone like Russell is already successful, made a ton of money...and now the best way to leave your impact in the world is to help other entrepreneurs just like deliver their unique message.
Russell believes everyone has a special gift...a gift we should be sharing with the world and in turn, people are willing to compensate you for solving their problems and offering solutions to the marketplace. He can only do this by helping others succeed.
Don’t think you can do it because you're struggling….Everybody remembers when they were new to something how awkward they felt. That feeling of being scared to admit you needed help, but desperately seeking for someone to show you the way. If you ever played any sport, or have any hobbies, you may remember what it was like to struggle through something you wanted so bad you could feel it in your bones. Then one day you learned a new technique from a coach, teacher or friend, and all the sudden things became a whole lot easier. Well, the same thing is true for creating your products or services that you want to sell.   
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Two Comma Club coaching offers a new and unique perspective on how to advance your business whether it’s online or in a local market. Two Comma Coaching walks you through the building block necessary, so you have the right foundation to grow your business. 

Now, if you're not tired of struggling, or not dedicated to learning real tools for your business...this program is not for you! But if you’re sick of being tired, frustrated, and deep down you know you can succeed….

Well, you just need the right teacher or coach who won a few championships, been in the ring before and can tell you how to win. Don’t reinvent the wheel, learn and model success with people more successful than yourself. The saying is the average net worth of your three closest friends. You may not be ready to leave your friends, but it'd be good to learn from an expert like Russell and his team.  
Ready to stop spinning your wheels? But not sure what you’ll receive. Well...having the right coach can advance the level of your game. We all know that the right coach can help you elevate your game by showing you how and whats to take you to the next level. It like watching your favorite team struggling for years, then all the sudden the right coach understands the balance on how to place key players and ultimately win. And that's what we are all trying to do at the end of the day, win!

Don’t know what you’re supposed to sell? Don’t worry, Russell’s coaching program has helped people create a product during their live training. They help you figure out how to bring a viable offer to the market. 
A lot of times entrepreneurs get overwhelmed with the process, and that can be a game killer. And when you're trying to figure out all the moving pieces, you get stuck like a deer in the headlights. You're afraid to make the wrong decision, so you don't make a decision at all. You wait and search for the answer, and unfortunately, some people just give up and quit. Russell and the two comma club coaching team’s goal is to remove those stumbling blocks.

Maybe you’re afraid you’ll get stuck again? A lot of times business owners or potential entrepreneurs get stuck on certain segments of the process and never complete their sales funnel or create an actual offer that people can buy.
Click funnels team has already helped 93 entrepreneurs become millionaires, and they believe they can help you do the same. After listening to all the coaching from RUSSEL, you start to discover there are patterns of success. Success breeds success because people use a proven system to build their business.  
Russell contends, one of the fastest ways to become successful is to wrap your product around an! Russell has said that every business should have an expert to become the attractive character that people will flock to and follow. 
The key is having a message that people will resonate with by putting yourself out there and having a prolific and authentic message. Once you have that foundation, you come to come to a live coaching event possibly in Boise Idaho.
Everybody wants to be successful and have a business that they can profit in, but the hardest thing is figuring out how actually to make that business profitable. Once you found the formula to make a business profitable, you always have those key elements for any business.
The Two Comma Club coaching goals is to help you reduce the learning curve through education and hands-on experience that you’ll learn by going to the live event. 
Have Doubts...Yes, who doesn’t? Well, having worked at a major university in the United States I resonate with the idea of we pay for education to build for our future. The reality is college doesn’t prepare us for success. We're taught that college is the answer, but how many of us went to school to walk away with more debt and confusion on what to do with your life.
Now you’re being offered a blueprint for success...the only blueprint I got out of college is how to pass your classes. Let's be real...most people graduate from college being thousands (some hundreds of thousands) of dollars in debt. 
Our society tells us it's OK to be that much in debt for school so we can then enter the workforce to get a job. Unfortunately most college grads have almost zero marketable skills and less you specialize your major in something like engineering.  
But students of the Two Comma Club coaching have the ability to build a foundation for your business, and learn how to take action which will allow you to present and share your business with the world.  
If other entrepreneurs who used struggle can become successful...well so can you!
Imagine what it would be like to finally be able to leave your job, take your family on the vacations you wanted, and most importantly create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted while helping other people on your journey...
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one funnel away: two comma club
one funnel away: two comma club
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